Mingus Union
High School District #4

Principal’s Message

Purposeful, Engaging, and Respectful: Ingredients for Academic Achievement for All

A Message from Our Principal

Dear Mingus Union High School District Students and Parents,

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year at Mingus Union High School, an Arizona Education Foundation A+ School of Excellence! It seems just a moment ago that this year’s seniors, the graduating class of 2017, were our incoming freshmen. We are all looking forward to enjoying another year with our achieving, interesting, and talented Verde Valley teens.

Freshman class of 2020, we welcome you and encourage you to make the most of your four years here. The Mingus seniors will tell you how quickly this important, foundational time in your life will pass by; be sure to join a club or team, be sure to appreciate your friends and your supporters, and be sure to pursue your individual  interests and dreams. Enjoy your time here every day.

To support all students in achieving their goals, Mingus Union High School offers a great selection of courses and programs including Career Technical Education (CTE), Advanced Placement (AP), and Yavapai College Dual Enrollment (DE) courses. We are committed to excellent instruction to promote the college and career readiness of every student. Please take advantage of Mingus’ great teachers and outstanding, varied classes to explore your interests and define your post-graduation goals!

Mingus also offers academic and social student support through our counseling center and through the Focused Intervention and Tutoring program (FIT). We invite you to visit the counseling center to learn how to support your student by monitoring progress and attendance using the Family Link online communication system, along with teacher websites. Staying involved in your child's life is particularly important during these teenage years. Though your kids may be asserting their independence, we at Mingus are not! We believe that communication and teamwork are essentials for ensuring your student’s high school success, and we always greatly appreciate your involvement and your concern. Please call us or visit any time you have questions or ideas about academics, activities, attendance, opportunities, or any other needs.

I’m looking forward to meeting our new students and seeing the changes in returning students as they mature each year! Go Marauders, and make the most of 2016-2017!

Jennifer Chilton

Jennifer Chilton
Principal - Mingus Union High School
(928) 649-4430