Mingus Union
High School District #4

District Administration

Mingus Union High School District is here to serve you. No matter what your question or need, we know the people who can help. Contact any member of our administration using the information below, or give us a call at (928) 634.8901. We’ll point you in the right direction!

Our Administration

Dee Belzer
AZA Coordinator
P: (928) 649-4417
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Mike Westcott
P: 928-634-8640
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Lynn Leonard
Business Manager
P: (928) 634-2941
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Chelsie Barnard
Administrative Assistant to Superintendent
P: (928) 634-8901
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Crystal Rojas
Accounting Technician
P: (928) 478-7941
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Jennifer Reed
Payroll & Benefits Specialist
P: (928) 478-7938
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Ralph Fobair
CTE Director
P: 649-4426
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Marylou Lopez
Nutrition Services Director
P: Ext. 1447
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Donna Mitchell
Transportation Secretary
P: (928) 634-0614
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Mike Earl
Transportation Supervisor/Lead Mechanic
P: (928) 478-7942
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Gary Allred
Plant Foreman
P: (928) 649-4380 
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Eunice Bailey
Bookstore Manager
P: (928) 478-7939
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Dennis Zimmer
Information Technology
P: Ext. 1470
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