Mingus Union
High School District #4

Who We Are

Mingus Union High School District and High School serve students in the towns of Cottonwood, Jerome, Clarkdale, and surrounding communities in the Verde Valley. 

Vision and Values

Every Student Celebrated. Every Student Prepared.
Mingus Union High School is a professional learning community which aspires to:

  • Develop creative, innovative thinkers and problem solvers;
  • Practice honesty, integrity, social responsibility, accountability, and respect for themselves and others;
  • Develop an appreciation of diverse cultures and perspectives;
  • Meet the academic and personal needs of all students; and
  • Be supportive and active members of the community.

Expected Learning Outcomes

Mingus Union High School educates every student to become:

Self-directed learners who:

  • Produce quality, authentic work
  • Organize and manage time efficiently
  • Learn and apply goal setting strategies that support educational and career goals
  • Assume responsibility and ownership for their learning

Critical thinkers who:

  • Exhibit in-depth knowledge across disciplines
  • Synthesize multiple sources of information
  • Solve problems independently and collaboratively
  • Reflect on and analyze learning experience

Effective communicators who:

  • Demonstrate competency in reading, writing, speaking, and active listening.
  • Utilize technology to complement their knowledge
  • Express ideas and information confidently and creatively
  • Develop positive and contributing interpersonal skills

Responsible citizens who:

  • Demonstrate personal integrity and responsibility for decisions and actions
  • Recognize and understand current local and global issues
  • Develop respect for diverse cultures
  • Actively contribute within their community

    Choose Us

    It’s no secret—we’re one of the best! While we might be just a little biased, the proof is in the people. Generations of graduates have positively contributed to our community and our world in countless ways. We are a community united by the Marauders and in ensuring the collective success of students now and in the generations to come.

    Growing and Improving

    MUHSD encompasses a large geographic area. The tremendous growth in recent years required us to expand our facilities and make physical and technological improvements. Thanks to our supportive community that helped to pass bond funding, we were able to construct a new building, refurbish the gymnasium, complete much needed classroom renovations, build a new library, and upgrade learning environments for our students.

    Others Have Noticed

    It’s not just us—others have noticed too! In fact, U.S. News and World Report recognized MUHS in the National Rankings and awarded us a bronze medal. MUHS also earned the prestigious Arizona Education Foundation A+ School of Excellence award.