Mingus Union
High School District #4

Site Council

Council members collaboratively provide leadership, direction, and support to the school community in its quest to deliver a quality education to all students. 


The council makes decisions in the best interests of our ever-evolving educational community. We carefully evaluate every choice we make with respect to and in support of the school principal, staff, and parents. Members of the site council help us maintain positive school and community morale.


  • Act as an advisory council to the school administrative staff.
  • Represent and solicit input from parents, students, community, and staff members.
  • Review literature and data.
  • Make recommendations for school improvement.
  • Monitor implementation structure for new instructional designs.
  • Provide local leadership and representation in the school decision-making structure.

Council Members 2017-18

The site council is comprised of volunteers and elected members (including 10 voting members). 

Parent & Community Members:
Susan Balensky
Lisa Gray
Angelique Kim
Brett Lindsay
Arlene Magnus

Teacher & Staff Representatives:
Cindy Forsythe
Genie Gee
Bridget Hillman
Julia Hutchins
Dennis Kitchen
Lauren Thagard