Mingus Union
High School District #4

FreshmAn year

Preparing for graduation is an exciting and intimating time. There is a lot to consider and accomplish over your high school years. Please use this guide to help you insure that you make your current year of high school the best that you can! If you have any questions, please contact the Counseling Office.

FreshmAn Year Checklist

  • Set goals for the school year. Working toward specific goals helps students stay motivated and focused.
  • Make a plan to check in regularly about schoolwork. If you keep up tests, papers, and homework assignments, you can celebrate successes and head off problems early. Ues resources like the school website, AOT, and teachers/counselors to stay on track!
    • Be sure your plans include solid study skills, note taking skills, time management, and organization. If you need support in this, please seek help!
  • Look into extracurricular activities. Getting involved in clubs and other groups is a great way to identify interests and feel more engaged in school. Keep a list of your activities for resumes and college admissions!
  • Students should always meet with their school counselor if they have any questions about college and career options and to make sure he or she is taking the most-appropriate classes.
    • Counselors help students modify their plan and select next year’s classes. Students should consider challenging themselves and taking the courses college admission officers expect to see, or courses that will relate to careers they have an interest in.
  • Explore career ideas. Make a list of interests, talents, and favorite activities and start matching them with occupations.
  • Explore colleges and scholarships early to begin narrowing down your options!
    • Make a college wish list. Ranking schools based on preferences in terms of location, size, majors offered, and so on can help students determine what they want in a college.
    • See how much you need to save for college. Use a calculator tool online to get an idea of where you are in terms of your savings goal.
  • Take some time to make strong summer plans. Summer is a great time to explore interests and learn new skills — and colleges look for students who pursue meaningful summer activities.
    • Consider visiting a college campus this summer! It’s a great way to get excited about your options and begin narrowing down which post-secondary options may be right for you.
    • You may also wish to consider summer school options or summer camps/programs to reach your goals while in high school and set goals for your future.
  • Consider planning on taking the PSAT/NMSQT in October of your sophomore year. Taking the test this fall can help students prepare for the SAT and get on track for college. Sophomores can also use their score reports to figure out which academic areas they need to work on. You can do some practice test prep on the College Board website.
    • After taking the PSAT, review results and make a plan. Log in to the student score reporting portal to learn about strengths as well as how to prepare further for college and career.
    • Another key benefit: the PSAT can connect students to free, personalized SAT study tools; AP courses; and college and career planning resources.