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Welcome athletes, parents, and coaches to our sports medicine page! We have developed this page to help you find central information related to the medical side of our athletics program. Our athletic trainer loves to educate and support our community when it comes to sport related topics. Below you will find generalized information about our athletic trainer, the Northern Arizona Healthcare partnership, essential medical topics from the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA), concussions, nutrition, and more! We hope this material is another way for you to stay connected and updated on information in our sports medicine world here at Mingus.

AIA: Head, Heart, Heat

The Arizona Interscholastic Association provides generalized health information to the student-athlete population through three main topics. Head is the first, which focuses on brain and concussion related concerns. Heart discusses cardiovascular concerns for athletes. Finally, is heat, which is a big part of our environmental concerns being in a desert. At MUHS, we take these three topics very seriously and try to educate coaches, students, and parents about the importance of these three sport related foundational concerns at the beginning of each season. Another huge topic which is being pushed through the AIA is the awareness of opioid use in high school athletics. Along with the Brainbook educational course for concussions, the AIA has required an educational course about opioids for athletes to complete before participating in any AIA activities. Both of these courses, upon completion, are only required once to participate in athletics/activities sanctioned by the AIA.

To learn more about these three topics, please see the AIA website.

northern AZ Healthcare

NAH Partnership

We are grateful to have developed a relationship with Northern Arizona Healthcare (EntireCare Rehab and Sports Medicine), who is able to provide us with athletic training services to our student-athletes on campus. Our athletic trainer is educated and certified in providing injury prevention and rehabilitation of sports related injuries, as well as educating our athletics population. The organization allows a more streamlined healthcare approach for when our athletes are in need. EntireCare is the physical therapy group in which our athletes can be evaluated and treated for significant sport related injuries with the help of their trained physical therapists. NAH has been able to create a team of multiple healthcare providers, of different medical backgrounds, to make it possible for our athletes to receive the best care possible.

General Info and Availability

Athletics trainer will be announced soon.
MUHS Head Athletics Trainer
Northern Arizona Healthcare: EntireCare Rehab & Sports Medicine

Campus Hours

Stay tuned for more information.