Mingus Union
High School District #4

Athletics Program

MUHS has an excellent and diversified program appealing to the interests of its athletes at varying levels. Our Marauders train to win by strengthening mind and body through rigorous practicing while learning self-discipline, sportsmanship, and team camaraderie.

Sports Programs & Schedules

Mingus High students may participate in the following programs. For your convenience, you may also select the links below to view current team schedules and coaching information. 

Fall Sports

Tackle Football
Cross Country
Girls Flag Football
Boys Golf
Girls Golf

Winter Sports

Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball
Boys Soccer
Girls Soccer
Boys Wrestling
Girls Wrestling

Spring Sports

Boys Tennis
Girls Tennis
Track and Field

How to Get in the Game

We require all student athletes to register online, complete the concussion course (one time) and opioid education course (one time), and upload/submit the annual physical exam performed by a medical doctor. MUHS will be accepting registrations for 2024–2025 after May 1, 2024.

Student Athletes — Student Role Models

Not every student will make the team. Athletes selected as team members carry the responsibility of giving their best to the team and positively representing our school.

Academics First

We believe sports are an important part of the high school experience; however, our athletes know that academics come first.

To maintain participation eligibility, students must demonstrate passing grades in all classes. We verify eligibility with a three-week grade check. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm eligibility.

Athletics Department contact

Yancey DeVore, CAA

Yancey DeVore, CAA
Athletics Director/Title IX Coordinator
P: (928) 634-4402
Send Email

Mike Allen

Mike Allen
MUHS Head Athletics Trainer
P: Ext. 4315
Send Email

Christina Montiel

Christina Montiel
Administrative Assistant/Athletics Secretary
P: (928) 649-4455
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Fight Song

We’re Marauders, we’re Marauders, we are here to stay! 
We’ll stand our ground, we’re victory bound, 
We’re Marauders all the way! 
Go Marauders, fight for Mingus, win for Red and Gray! 
Marauder pride is on our side, we’ll win today!